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TVBOX-ULTRON-$240-WIFI/12 Months Included/$20Mo After-1 Year Warranty TVBOX-ULTRON-$240-WIFI/12 Months Included/$20Mo After-1 Year Warranty $240.00 $240.00
 * SUPER TVBOX ULTRON BLACK BOX + 12 Months of subscription prepaid

* After 12 Months only pay only $20 per month.
* Includes Satellite, Radios, VOD (Movies & Serials)
* No contract, Cancel any time.
* 1 Year Limited Warranty
* Lifetime Tech Support
* Plus Shipping

Key Features
* Unicast and Multicast operation modes * IPTV and Video-on-Demand Support * YouTube Included * Super Fast Channel Surfing * Digital Music and Internet Radio Delivery * H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, WMV/VC1 Support * High Definition HDMI Output * Composite and Component Output * Online Web Browsing * Headline News and Weather Reports * Media Center Functionality * Dolby 5.1 Audio Support * Two USB Interface * Wireless (WIFI)& Wired.
Subtotal $240.00
Shipping $59.00
Total $299.00
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